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Welcome Interns!

June 25, 2012 by Elizabeth Brill 0 comments

We're blessed to have two college students as summer interns, an SHC first!  Visit our Facebook page to see their picture if you haven't already (and note how much our Monday doctor appreciates them :).

Elizabeth Stephenson, a rising senior at UNC, is a Spanish speaker with a heart for the underprivileged and previous experience in other clinics.  Asked what she has learned so far, she told me, "Where to start? I have learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes, which I think will be really valuable in the future, from the little office tasks like filing to designing publicity for the new clinic. I have especially enjoyed patient interactions. One of the coolest projects has been helping people apply for patient assistance programs and seeing them get approved for needed medication at no cost."

Collin Burks is in the Triangle for the summer from her college studies at Dartmouth.  Also a Spanish speaker, she told me she is here to learn about how SHC operates, help serve the low-income and uninsured population of Durham, and be inspired by people who are already volunteering at SHC.  Collin has already submitted a major grant proposal for us and is doing great work!

We are so grateful for these two women--say hello and thank them if you cross their paths!

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