Currently we are holding all new patient registration appointments by video or phone.  Please call 919-407-8154 for more information.

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As a potential medical patient, we ask that you provide us with the following information:

  • ONE proof of identification, such as:
    1. Driver's license or NC ID of any kind
    2. Consular document
    3. FAITH ID
  • Proof of income for entire household [must be under 300% of the federal poverty guidelines]
    1. 1 (one) month of income documentation for each person earning money in household: paystubs, unemployment, Social Security, or any other income. Please provide a letter of support if someone outside the household is providing for daily expenses.
    2. Please provide paystubs for most recent month. If you are paid in cash, please provide a signed, dated letter from your employer describing your work and monthly pay.
  • Any clinics where you have been seen in the last year (including Lincoln, Walltown, Holton, Lyon Park, Healthcare for the Homeless, VA, or any doctor’s office)
  • Proof of medical insurance, if you have it (Medicaid, Medicare, VA, private, Obamacare, etc.).

When you have gathered these proofs, please call our new patient line at 919-407-8154. Leave your name, date of birth, and a working telephone number that accepts messages. We will leave you one (1) message to schedule an intake appointment.

At your intake appointment, we will review your paperwork, verify eligibility, and sign new patient documents.


If you cannot keep your appointment, we require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule.  Please call (919) 407-8226.

Patients who miss an appointment without prior notification will have one opportunity to reschedule.  It is your responsibility to contact us.  After a second no show, we may discharge you from our practice.

Please bring with you any medications you are currently taking and documents from any recent hospital visits. 

While not a required fee, the suggested donation per visit is $20. Thank you for participating not only in your own health care but also in helping us extend our services to more patients.

Clinic Policies

Samaritan Health Center strives to provide excellent health care in a professional environment. The following guidelines were established to make everyone’s visit to Samaritan efficient and comfortable.

• Please be early for all scheduled appointments to fill out necessary paperwork.

• No cell phone usage.

• No smoking.

• Please keep children quietly occupied.

• The use of profanity or rudeness toward staff or volunteers is grounds for immediate dismissal from our clinics.

At this time, we are unable to accept new dental patients.