As a potential medical patient, we ask that you provide us with the following information:

  • ONE proof of identification, such as:
    1. Driver's license or NC ID of any kind
    2. Consular document
    3. FAITH ID
  • Proof of income for entire household [must be under 300% of the federal poverty guidelines]
    1. 1 (one) month of income documentation for each person earning money in household: paystubs, unemployment, Social Security, or any other income. Please provide a letter of support if someone outside the household is providing for daily expenses.
    2. Please provide paystubs for most recent month. If you are paid in cash, please provide a signed, dated letter from your employer describing your work and monthly pay.
  • Any clinics where you have been seen in the last year (including Lincoln, Walltown, Holton, Lyon Park, Healthcare for the Homeless, VA, or any doctor’s office)
  • Only proof of limited or minimum essential medical insurance (such as Family Planning Medicaid) is accepted. We recommend that patients with full medical insurance connect with a clinic that accepts your coverage. 

When you have gathered these proofs, please call our new patient line at 919-407-8154. Leave your name, date of birth, and a working telephone number that accepts messages. We will leave you one (1) message to schedule an intake appointment.

At your intake appointment, we will review your paperwork, verify eligibility, and sign new patient documents.